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The Best 4 Star Halong Bay Tours

4 Star Ha Long Bay Cruises

You are truly blessed with not only the most magnificent coastline, but also the best 4 star Halong Bay tours for you to explore it in absolute luxury. All of these fantastic Halong Bay tours offer unbridled opulence and luxury. From the superior decor and refinements to the service quality and the exotic menus, these Halong Bay tours will deliver everything you could possibly imagine while relaxing on the beautiful Halong Bay.

Here is our quintessential list of Halong Bay cruises if you are going to travel 4 Star.

Bhaya Halong Bay Cruise Check Rates & Cruise Dates

Bhaya Cruises

With a fleet of 4 luxury junks all with 4 stars, these boats raise the standard of luxury and opulence when cruising the magnificent Halong Bay. Bhaya Halong Bay tours offers up to 80 cabins and suites which exudes charm,relaxation and a place to soak in the wonder of the bay.

With modern-day conveniences these well-appointed traditional designed junks all with rooms that offer beautiful Vietnamese finishes and unhindered views of Halong Bay.

A beautiful boat that will provide memories that will last forever. Read more…

Paloma Halong Bay Cruises  Check Rates & Cruise Dates

Paloma Cruises

Recently launched to cater for travelers seeking something a little special. The Paloma Halong Bay cruises provides superior luxury, an intimate setting and unrivalled service to make you feel at home. These beautiful Halong Bay tours are an unforgettable way to witness the serene, calm setting of the bay’s exceptional natural beauty.

From deluxe to superior rooms the Paloma will suit all budgets. Complete with separate en-suite , air-con and luxury amenities with all aspects of your stay meticulously planned. Read more…

Emeraude Classic Halong Bay Cruises Check Rates & Cruise Dates

Emeraude Cruises

The Emeraude Classic Halong Bay Cruise is one of the longest-serving and most spectacular 4 star Halong Bay tours. With exquisite charm and luxury the Emreraude’s classic French decor, colonial style brass fans, hardwood floors and bead board walls set the frame for the stunning back drop of the truly stunning Halong Bay.

The Emeraude is one of the largest junk boats at 55 meters long and most opulent in this 4 star class with a recent full renovation and fit out. The Emeraude certainly offers all the amzing comforts and personalised service tha you could wish for on Halong Bay. Read more…

Halong Emotion Cruises Check Rates & Cruise Dates

Halong Emotion CruisesThe Halong Emotion Cruise boasts 21 luxurious cabins all with private bathrooms, air conditioning and all the amenities and services you would expect from a four-star hotel. This well-appointed Halong Bay tour boat is uniquely designed by a local junk designer with absolute comfort in mind.

It is a place where traditional Vietnamese architecture and interiors are combined in harmony, beauty and relaxation. This floating piece of art is a Halong Bay tour that is certainly one of the best ways to cruise this mystical bay. Find out more about how this special  Halong Bay cruise will aim to impress even the most discerning touristRead More…

Paradise Luxury Cruises Check Rates & Cruise Dates

Paradise Luxury CruisesThe Paradise Luxury Halong bay tour is designed with the traditional Vietnamese fishing boats of Halong Bay in mind. This boutique Halong Bay junks offers complete exclusivity with 68 well defined and appointed stately cabins. This Halong Bay cruise was designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to detail and viewing pleasure.

A truly stunning 4 star Halong Bay tours that is highly recommend for couples and honeymooners with world class service, intimacy and spectacula vistas of Halong Bay.

Simply on of the best Halong tours available with a great rate. Read more…

Prince and Princess Halong Bay Cruises4 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Princess Cruises The Prince and Princess Halong Bay Cruises are designed with the traditional Vietnamese junk of Halong Bay in mind. These boutique junks offer complete exclusively with only 2 and 4 cabins receptively. Both Junks are designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to detail and viewing pleasure when on a Halong Bay tour..

These 4 junks are highly recommend for couples and honeymooners with privacy and intimacy paramount. You will be pampered and catered for by staff dedicated to personal service and your comfort on the entire trip making these cruises a truly 4 star experience. Read more…

Victory Halong Bay Cruise4 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Victory Halong Bay ToursBoasting 21 luxurious cabins all with private bath, air conditioning and all the amenities and services you would expect from a four-star hotel. The well appointed Victory Halong Bay Cruise is uniquely designed by a local junk designer. This is where traditional Vietnamese architecture and interiors are combined harmoniously to create a floating piece of artwork deserving of a Halong Bay tour.

The luxurious rooms are well appointed to offer you a relaxing stay on the boat offering a separate  private en-suite with running hot water and toilet. Catering for a maximum of 42 guests, the intimate setting of the boat, as a guest you will be spoiled with international cuisine and the freshest seafood. Read more…

Royal Heritage Cruise 4 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Halong Royal Heritage CruiseThe Royal Heritage Cruise is the perfect Halong bay experience and is designed in Asian sensibilities which harmoniously combines present-day Vietnamese architecture. With impeccable service and welcoming warmth this junk boat is set to invigorate travellers on their Halong bay tour.

This Halong junk includes 9 impressive cabins with large beds, air conditioning and separate shower.  The Royal Heritage Cruise also features a large sundeck with comfy lounge furniture, a superb bar and spacious dining room. The perfect place to unwind after an action packed day out in the water. Read more…