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The Best 3 Star Halong Bay Tours

3 star - Halong Bay tours

If you are on a budget and want to enjoy all that Halong Bay delivers, then these Halong Bay tours offer all the features of a luxury Halong Bay cruise with out the hefty prices. You do not need skimp on quality, class, tour activities, excursions and most importantly skimping on safety and creature comforts.

There are plenty of options in 3 star class, with various tour options and extras. We have put together the best 3 Star Halong Bay tours that have a 4 star feel without the 4 star price.

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Annam Junk Halong Bay Cruises 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates
Annam Halong Bay Tours

The Annam Junks Halong Bay Tours are uniquely designed, hand-built and inspired by typical the Vietnamese wooden Halong junks that were built at the turn of 14th century. With a luxurious interior and a choice of 5 deluxe cabins, 2 doubles and 2 suites all with large windows to take in the breathtaking views of the spectacular islands and bays on the crystal blue water of Halong Bay. 

The Annam Junk Halong Bay tours offers you an unforgettable experience travelling around one of the most exhilarating places on earth. Find out why this Halong Bay tour is one of the best on the bay. Read more…

Golden Lotus Halong Bay Cruise 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates
Golden Lotus Cruises

Named after the beautiful Vietnamese flower, the Golden Lotus Halong Bay Cruise is truly one of the most beautiful Halong Bay tours on the stunning this part of the world . Recently launched in 2010 and has been designed to give you the ultimate in luxury and pleasure while you soak in the grand backdrop of the mystical bay and islands.

The Lotus Flower is simply one of the best Halong Bay tours available. Offering pure luxury with its grandiose design and modern features this beautiful boat will give you the true taste of this part of Vietnam. Read more…

Black Pearl Junk Halong Bay Cruises 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Black Pearl Cruises

The Black Pearl Junk Cruise has been designed with sophistication and the utmost attention to fine detail. Consisting of group of over 9 junk boats offering many daily and overnight Halong Bay tours. With such a choice of fantastic junk tours including private leasing you will find a boat that will suit any budget.

Ranging from 1 cabin to 9 cabins tour boats you can choose have your own private and intimate Halong Bay experience. Or share Halong bay with your friends on a larger boat where memeories of the simply stunning Halong Bay can be shared for years. Read more…

Classic Sail Halong Bay Cruise3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Classic Sail Cruises

Launched in 2007. The Classic Sail Halong Bay Cruise abounds in style, class and sophistication. Built in the traditional Vietnamese styled 14th century junk boats with traditional materials, will give you a feeling of  Halong Bay cruises of the past.

With 6 deluxe bed rooms and 1 suite room this Halong Bay cruise will give you the intimate experience of a Halong Bay tour you truly deserve. Each room is decorated with tradition in mind from the decor, timber furnishings and large windows to frame the bay.

A truly great Halong Bay tour a an even great price. Read more…

Dugong Sails Halong Bay Cruises 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Dugong Sails Halong

A large Vietnamese styled junk boats, Dugong Sails Cruises are one of the oldest run Halong Bay boat companies. All built with elegance, modern comfort and traditional interior design in mind. With 12 modern cabins between these junk boats is the ideal platform to have a great Halong Bay cruise and take in the stunning island backdrop in complete style.

With a mix of 8 deluxe rooms and 3 large presidential suites, you have the option to choose a budget that fits your needs without skimping on the quality you deserve. An amazing Halong Bay tour. Read more…

ACD Halong Bay Cruise 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

ACD Halong Bay Tours

With a brand new Halong Bay boat specially built with tradition and elegance in mind. The ACD Halong Bay Cruises are designed for passenger comfort and relaxation whilst on Halong Bay. With 15  tastefully furnished cabins, a large topside bar, a gourmet restaurant and a sun-deck to relax your days away in mystical Halong Bay.

The cabins all built with traditional Vietnamese hardwood and beautiful traditional furniture. The rooms have large windows ensuring that each cabin is bright and airy. Find out more about this great 3 star Halong Bay tour. Read more…

Halong Poseidon Sails 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Phoenix Cruises Halong Bay

Combining classic beauty with modern comfort, the Poseidon Halong Sails is like a tradition 14th century Halong Bay boat that make it the perfect boat to cruise the stunning Halong Bay. From the moment you step on to the boat you are treated like royalty and will be pampered for your entire stay on your Halong Bay cruise.

The Poseidon Sails Halong Bay boasts a total of 8 deluxe cabins, all with air-conditioning, private en suite, and rustic rattan furnishings. Each room offers unhindered views of the majestic Halong Bay, so relax and watch the picturesque view float by tour window. Read more…

Bai Tu Long Junk Cruise 3 stars Check Rates & Cruise Dates

Bai Tu Halong Bay

The Bai Tu Halong Bay Cruises is a modern junk with all the conveniences that a modern traveller needs. With intricate and elegant woodwork throughout. Boasting  large rooms with all the amenities you will need to enjoy your relaxing stay while you cruise Halong Bay. Each room has air-con, separate en-suite with hot showers and plenty of storage space.

With fantastic on-board amenities including on the deck dining, serving a mix of traditional Vietnamese and western cuisines. This Halong Bay tour is a one of the best tours in the Bai Chay. Read More…

Aclass Halong Bay Cruise3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Aclass Cruise Halong

With traditionally styled junk boats built with custom methods and sophistication. The Aclass Halong Bay Cruise is intended for your relaxation and recreation whilst cruising. With 11 stylishly furnished cabins, a big bar, epicurean restaurant and a sundeck to unwind in spiritual Halong Bay.

The cabins all built with customary Vietnamese hardwood and beautiful traditional furniture. The rooms have big windows ensuring that each cabin is sunny and light.

All with air-conditioning, spacious private granite bathroom with hot showers, hair dryer and free toiletries. Read more…

Phoenix Halong Bay Cruise 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

Phoenix CruisesThis Halong bay junk exudes classic splendour with modern amenities, the Phoenix Halong Bay Cruise is one of most perfect boats to cruise the magnificent Halong Bay. From the time you step on to the boat you are treated with amazing service and you will be spoiled for your whole stay on your tour.

The Phoenix Cruiser boasts a total of 16 deluxe cabins, all with air-con, separate bathroom and traditional furnishings. Setting the rooms apart is the attention to detail with wooden panelling, crisp white linen and grand water views, allowing you to enjoy the bay from the privacy and comfort of your own room.

Another fantastic Halong bay experience. Read more…

White Dolphin Halong Bay Cruise 3 starsCheck Rates & Cruise Dates

white dolphin cruisesWith the option of 2 large Vietnamese Halong Bay tours, this tour operator is also one of the longest run Halong bay boat companies on the Bay. The White Dolphin Halong Bay Cruise boats are built with sophistication, up-to-date luxury and old-fashioned interior design. With 10 3.5 star cabins between these 2 Vietnamese junk boats, you can choose either boat to sail the stunning islands in style.

With a assortment of 8 deluxe rooms and 2 big presidential suites you have the opportunity to choose a budget that fits your needs without skimping on the features. All rooms are fully appointed with comfortable and modern amenities, such as en-suite, air-con and glorious views of the bay. Read More…