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The Right Tour

Choosing the Right Halong Bay Cruise

Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing the right Halong Bay cruise and the pitfalls you should avoid.

1. Safety is Paramount

Vietnam is a 3rd world country and does not have the strict regulation that most western countries adhere to. This is no more evident than in its maritime industry. Maintenance is mostly poor and some of the boats are in terrible condition and should have been scuttled decades ago.

Simply stay away from trying to negotiate a junk boat on the pier. Most of these boats are quite un-seaworthy and rat infested pieces of “junk”. Some Halong Bay cruises organised on the dock are generally overloaded which  is also very common with Halong Bay cruises.

Allot boat owners have little experience if an accident should occur and will have little or no insurance. If you are injured, there is no such thing as a lawsuit in Vietnam, you are on your own to pay hospital bills etc. There are many horror stories of travelers putting their lives in danger for the sake of saving a few dollars.

We have taken the time to put together the best 3 Star Halong Bay Cruises and 4 Star Halong Bay Cruises available. All these tours are with reputable operators and with boats that are in seaworthy condition, well maintained and most importantly have on board insurances.

2. Travel Insurances

For most tourists, travelling is a fantastic experience. But regrettably incidents occur overseas that are out of your control. This can include trip cancellation, interruption, accidents, medical expenses, baggage damage or theft and even death.

Daily hospitalisation within Sth East Asia maybe in the excess of $800 USD per day and medical-related evacuations can go beyond $60,000 USD if you are lucky.  No matter if you travel overseas on a regular basis, occasionally or on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, travel insurance is extremely important.

The cost of a travel insurance policy is dependent on the type of cover requested, the age of the person covered, the particular destination, the length of stay and any pre-existing medical conditions.  For the right type of travel insurance to suit your requirements get a free travel insurance quote here.

Halong Bay at Dusk

3. Halong Bay Cruise Lengths and Itineraries

There are many Halong Bay cruises that are on offer for the astute traveller. From 1/2 to 4 day (3 nights) cruises. To be honest the 1/2 day tour is not worth your time as you go nowhere near what Ha Long Bay has to offer, but if you are strapped for time then this is perfect to get a sense of the place.

To really take in the inspiring vistas and geological beauty of Halong Bay you really need to take an overnight or 2 night tour. Because of the magnitude of the bay and its ecological abundance, to capture this in one day is almost impossible.

The advantages of the overnight Halong bay cruise is you get a chance to relax in comfort, soak in the sun and the amazing views. You can dine on traditional Vietnamese cuisine whilst sipping cocktails as the sunsets over the spell-binding islands vistas.

The opportunity on the longer tours to get involved in the many day activities on offer, such as Kayaking the many hidden lagoons, touring stalagmite caves and swimming  the unspoiled beaches.

These Halong Bay cruises offer all styles of accommodation, tour lengths, transfers and itineraries. Spending a little more will prove to not only keep you safe from harm but also give you a truly inspiring journey that only Halong Bay can offer

3. Prices

Prices will vary considerably, with the quality of the junk boat, the time of the year and the additional activities you choose to do. The best course of action is to research the tours before you consider the right Halong Bay cruise for you. Many tours are of different quality and offer different experiences.

Many hotels can organise are tour for you but the prices are more expensive and the availability maybe limited. It is almost always cheaper to go online. As you can book months in advance before your holiday you can reduce the possibility of missing out on the fantastic Halong Cruises available.

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