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Halong Bay Tours – Halong Bay Cruises

The sheer beauty of Halong Bay is an awe inspiring place of mystique and wonder. As one of Asia’s most popular tourist destination, Halong Bay tours have been captivating tourists for decades. On many of the Halong Bay Cruises you will truly appreciate the stunning vistas, which will stimulate the senses and soothe the soul of even the most seasoned traveller.

Part of the enjoyment of visiting Vietnam is experiencing the rich cultural history of the area along with seeing the sites of this beautiful coastal country. The Halong Bay area has been voted in the seven natural wonders ofe the world and is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful regions.

With a network has of over 350 hotels in Hanoi, Halong City, Hai Phong and Cat Ba and connections to some of the best Halong Bay tours available. You can be rest assured that there are many great Halong Bay cruises for your budget and travelling requirements.

We have travelled extensively throughout this region to find the best hotels and Halong Bay tours on offer to give the best possible experience. Here are the best on offer in this picturesque region.

Halong Bay Tours & Cruises

Halong Bay Tours & CruisesAs one of the most popular and simply stunning travel destinations within Vietnam. Halong Bay has a constant stream of tourists all year round. As these tours are very popular, don’t leave it until you arrive in Hanoi or Halong City as there is no guarantee you will get a quality Halong Bay tour.

You can plan and book your holiday here with all the right information and resources on 3 Star Halong Bay Cruises and 4 Star Halong Bay Cruises before travelling to this amazing part of the world.  So if you want to cruise Halong Bay, we have researched and compiled the best Halong  Bay tours available as the vast majority of tourists will pre purchase online.

Halong City Hotels

Ha long HotelsHalong City is generally the launch pad for touring the amazing Halong Bay. 3 Hours by road from Hanoi,  Halong City has a few places of interest such as the casino, local museums and ancient temples. It tends to be more of a city for locals rather than for place for tourists. Some travellers are likely stay overnight before setting of on a Halong Bay tour.

Most  travellers will stay in Hanoi and transfer straight onto their pre-booked Halong Bay Tour. If you are more of an independent tourist and want to go your own way, then we have put together the best 3 star and 4 star Halong Bay Hotels  with amazing rates on offer.

Hanoi Hotels

halong bay toursSteeped in ancient and modern history Hanoi is an amazing melting pot of traditional and western sensibilities. Hanoi is the cultural capital of Vietnam and with its broad boulevards, French colonial architecture, rich culture, exotic blends of people and food. Hanoi is a true delight for all travellers.

Hanoi tends to be unjustly less popular than Ho Chi Minh city and is the ideal jump-off point for touring some of the most stunning parts of of northern Vietnam including the simply beautiful Halong Bay. As Hanoi is a thriving metropolis it offers some truly amazing Hanoi Hotels to explore this beautiful city and the natural wonder of Halong Bay.

Hai Phong Hotels

Hai Phong HotelsHai Phong is an excellent base for exploring Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. Hai Phong is Vietnam’s 3rd largest city in Vietnam and is 105km from Hanoi and is a stunning urban center with most of the colonial quarter still protected. With wide streets lined with flame trees and beatutiful preserved colonial villas. This fantastic city offers a cosmopolitan flavour, subtle prosperity and charm. With a multitude of temples and shrines this city is steeped in history and Ancient Tradition.

If you are planning to go via Hai Phong to visit Cat Ba and Halong Bay then we have compiled the best Hai Phong Hotels on offer for you is explore this simply stunning part of the world.

Cat Ba Hotels

Cat Ba HotelsCat Ba Island is known for its rugged limestone mountains, hot & cold springs, tropical rain forests, coral reefs, deserted beaches and casual island lifestyle. Cat Ba Island is a part of a 366 larger islands that lie within the larger area of Halong Bay and is the largest of this chain. Cat Ba island is situated a 50 km east of Hai Phong City.

Half of its area is covered by a National Park, which has a vast eco-systems that has an array of flora, fauna and lush tropical jungle. The national park  is the must whilst on the island.

Here are the best Cat Ba Hotels for you to explore the amazing Cat Ba island.

Halong Bay Tour Spotlight

Emeraude Classic Halong Bay Cruises

EmeraudeThe Emeraude Classic Halong Bay Cruises is one of the longest-serving and most spectacular 4 star Halong Bay tour. With exquisite charm and luxury the Emreraude’s classic French decor, colonial style brass fittings and hardwood floors make this for a very lush Halong Bay cruise.

This all sets the frame for the stunning back drop of Halong Bay. Being one of the largest boats at 55 meters long with a recent full renovation and fit out. The Emeraude certainly offers all the comforts and personal service you could wish for.

The most experienced tour operator on Halong Bay, the Emeraude certainly stands out from the crowd. From the minute you arrive the crew will make you feel special. Throughout the 3 day trip you will honestly not need to even lift a finger, the professional staff will cater for your every request.

The boat is just beautifully fitted out with amazing attention to detail, it really does feel like you are in the colonial days. More importantly it was clean, fresh and well maintained. The Food is a step up from anywhere you will taste in Vietnam, pretty much like a French 5-star restaurant in Paris. Read more…